Daniel Staal


Thinking and creating a site that displays the services of BeaconCity


BeaconCity provides a solution to provide mobile phone users a location based user / customer experience by connecting information, personalised offers, loyalty programs and more. BeaconCity is a startup and was in need for a site to communicate their services. For retail BeaconCity provides in a platform to manage locationbased information that can be provided to users, but more importantly it holds statistics about user/customer behavoir by monitoring and storing movements of customers and users in a beacon zone. This data is stored anonymously based on the users preferences. By advanced analysis this data can be used to trigger specific actions based on behavoir of the user/customer to improve sales, provide just in time information, gamification and more.

Designing the logo

Logo compilation 1

Compilation 1 of the logos in two colors.

Logo compilation 2

Compilation 2 of the logos in three colors.


Final logo on site background.

Designing the Interface

BeaconCity is a startup and asked me to design a product site that would showcase their intentions towards beacon technology. For this I designed a site that showcases their services with beacon technology.


The 'launch' page includes a visual header with call to actions and keypoints that showcases the key value.


The 'potential' page showcases the applicable organizations that can use beacon technology. It triggers readers to see the possibilities of beacon technology.


The 'contact' page showcases contact possibilities and the location of BeaconCity.