Daniel Staal

The Hague University

Thinking and creating a website for the faculty IT & Design providing information to students, parents and companies

The Problem

The current site of the faculty of IT & Design is not accurate and does not persuade students to apply for a study at The Hague University. Also the site does not provide information to parents about the environment of the faculty. Companies within the same field are not being informed.

The Solution

Develop a website that complies with the interests of the several users. The new website should be more relating to the new students and less formal. For the parents it is important to show that the faculty has a save environment. Companies need to see the value of a future partnership.

University sites

I started to search for similarities and differences between sites of Universities. We have asked several testpersons to test these sites on several aspects relating to the design and functionalities. The results were used during further development.

Target group analysis

In order to understand what the users want we have done a target group analysis. From this analysis it was easier for us to understand the several user groups and what they were expecting from the new site for the University. From the results we concluded system requirements for each user group.

Low fidility prototyping

Based on the sitemap we have made the low fidility prototype which includes the homepage and one content page. The client was able to click through this prototype without any programming needed. This gave the client a first indication of the new site.

Designing the Interface

During designing I took the styleguide from The Hague University as leading. Though, us was being asked to make it more attractive for students, parents and companies. In some cases I made a design decision in order to comply with the goals of the product.


The 'home' screen shows content that is currently in the spotlight such as events and news. There is also a twitter feed embedded so all last information is visible.


The 'study' screen shows detailed information about a certain study. With the navigation on the left the user can switch topics within the study. A image gallery and a shortlink to other studies are provided.


Image and video content will be presented in a lightbox popup. It makes it easier for the user to view images and videos, but keeps the main information on the background.