Daniel Staal

Haags Sport Platform

Thinking and developing an online portal that displays all current and historic sports of The Hague

The Problem

Valuable information about the sports historic of The Hague was not being archived which resulted in a loss of information. They were also unable to display those historic moments to interested sport fanatics.

The Solution

Developing a platform with information about the sport historic of The Hague including newspapers, trophies, events and sportsmen. Attract people by displaying current sportnews, sportevents and sportclubs.

Researching previous work

Students that have worked on the same assignment made a prototype of their concept. I wanted to evaluate this prototype with the users and made a questionform that the users filled in. They could state their experiences and opinions related with the prototype. According to the results I could make conclusions regarding the current prototype.

Performing a benchmark

The platform which I would develop would not be the only one of its kind. With the benchmark I evaluated existing concepts of the platform by giving them ratings on different aspects. This resulted in a list of elements that may be integrated in my concept, or absolutely may not be integrated.

Content First Approach

In order to include as much relevant information as possible I listed the several content types that may be included in the final platform. During this process I researched what content would be needed for a specific content type. With these content types I could easily design the views that would be visible on the different pages. For example leaving non necessary information out of an overview page, but visible on a detail page.

Low fidility prototyping

Working with other students we had different opinions regarding the layout of the platform. To get different results and concepts we made the low fidility prototypes individually. After the low fidility prototypes were finished we compared them with our team. We blended some ideas and left other ideas out. This resulted in one prototype with all the elements in it.

Designing the Interface

One member of the group created a new corporate identity for the organization. We have designed each page with the prototype and corporate identity as leading link.


The 'home' page includes a visual header with a Call to action button. News is being presented in the main area of the site. Secondary content can be viewed on the right.

News overview

The 'news overview' page includes an up to date list of the latest news regarding sports. With the tabs on the top the user is able to navigate through the sportsections.

News item

The 'news item' page shows on the top the sport section the user is in. It contains the main information about the news item and a button to go back to the overview page.

High fidility Prototyping

After designing the product was going to be tested on the target group. We have used a quick web based prototype tool to provide a clickable demo. Within this demo it is possible to go through all the different screen by clicking on active links.