Daniel Staal


Thinking and creating an activity meeting app

The Problem

You are new in town or all your friends have already their plans. You feel bored and don't know what you can do in your surroundings. You want to meet new people, but that is not easy.

The Solution

Meetivity is an app that connects people with the same interests. Meetivity can see the interests that you have. You pick an activity that you would like to do. Meetivity is now searching for people with the same interests.

Rapid Prototyping

The Meetivity app is being created by rapid prototyping. It means that I did not open any designing application, but made the application directly with HTML/CSS. This method did take less time and I could train my frontend skills with it.


The 'home' screen shows content that is currently in the spotlight such as events and news. There is also a twitter feed embedded so all last information is visible.


The 'study' screen shows detailed information about a certain study. With the navigation on the left the user can switch topics within the study.


The 'location' screen shows the location including a map, the address and other information about the location. This includes for example the opening times of the location.


The 'invited' screen shows the person that you've invited to join your activity. This invitation is pending till the other person accepts your invitation.


The 'meetups' screen shows all your planned meetups with the people that you have matched with. You see information about the meetup such as the distance.


The 'events' screen shows all your events that you are hosting. You can see the event information and there is a possibility to cancel the event.