Daniel Staal

Verspeekpomp Foundation

Thinking and creating a logo and banners
for the Verspeekpomp foundation

The Verspeek Foundation

The Verspeek Foundation asked me to design a logo for their Foundation. The Verspeek Foundation was striving to remake an old water pump for the town 'Kethel' in Schiedam, The Netherlands. The original water pump was placed in 1898 to give the town a better and healthier water supply than the aqua ditches that were there in that timeframe. The water pump provided the residents with high quality water by pumping the water from natural water supplies in the ground. After that the town was provided with pipelines that would provide the town with fresh filtered water, the pump was being removed. The foundation wanted to get donators to finance the project and create support under the current residents.

Designing the logo

Apart from photos of the old water pump, there were also drawings of the orginal water pump. The new water pump has been created with these drawings. I based the logo also on these drawings creating a minimalistic logo defining the main goal of this foundation; placing back this historical water pump. I have used the blue and white colors to create a fresh look and accentuate the role of the water. The logo is provided with the name of the foundation in a font that connects with the historical pump.


The 'flag' was a big printed vertical version of the logo.


The 'waterpump' itself, it is a true beauty.


The 'letters' sent to the residents for support.